GLN Summer Clerk Profiles 2015-16

What is it like to be a GLN Summer Clerk?

As a GLN Summer Clerk you will receive a warm welcome into your host department.  Encouraged to participate actively in your team's work programme, your assumptions will be tested and you will develop a much better understanding of the machinery of government. 

Read the following profiles to gain an insider's opinion on what it's like to be a clerk in the Government Legal Network......


GLN Summer Clerk 2015-16: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Winsome Thornley 1

The multiplicity of issues and objectives that characterises government makes the public sector both a desirable and rewarding place to work.

I became interested in the law and was exposed to various legal matters while working as a commercial property surveyor in England.  I subsequently became less interested in property and more interested in law, and this broad interest, among other reasons, backed my decision to return to Auckland University to pursue a legal career. Read more...


GLN Summer Clerk 2015-16: Crown Law

Josh Wong Resized

Being part of that team environment was very different to my previous internships, so I can guarantee that the GLN programme will be more than just "another job" – you will find yourself truly immersed in the public service experience. 

I was attached to the Revenue Team in Crown Law for the GLN Summer Clerk Programme.   I also had the privilege of closely working with the Public Law team, and did a range of work from legal research, drafting cross-examination scripts and statement of claims.   I found all these things very practical and engaging. Read more...


GLN Summer Clerk 2015-16: Commerce Commission

Alice Palmer

to be a GLN intern you have to have both legal fortitude and the desire to give back for the betterment of New Zealand. That makes GLN different to other clerkship opportunities offered to law students.

The Commerce Commission is New Zealand’s primary competition enforcement and regulatory agency. It is an independent Crown entity established under the Commerce Act 1986. This means that it is not subject to direction from the government in carrying out its enforcement and regulatory control activities. Read more...


GLN Summer Clerk 2015-16: Ministry for Primary Industries

Joseph Xulue cropped for website

Throughout law school I always had a keen interest in advocacy and this experience reaffirmed why I have been so passionate about litigation.

As a first generation immigrant to New Zealand I have always wanted to give back to this country in a way that is meaningful.  I saw the GLN Summer Clerkship programme as a way to do meaningful work but also gain a broad set of knowledge and skills that I can take with me into my legal career. Read more...


GLN Summer Clerk 2015-16: State Services Commission

Amalie Blackman resized

These clerkships offer the opportunity to work with some of the most senior legal advisors in government who are passionate about what they do.

The role of SSC as a central agency is one of leadership, management, and working to continually improve the state sector and the services they provide. SSC has the unique role and mandate over the machinery of government and is also tasked with issuing guidance and a code of conduct, which agencies and state servants are expected to observe.  Read more...


GLN Summer Clerk 2015-16: Accident Compensation Corporation

Chris Carroll selected photo edited 1

The solicitors I was working with were all experienced and knowledgeable in the field of ACC law so it was very impressive to see them at work.

After four years of studying for a double degree in Law and Commerce, majoring in Finance, at Otago University I was more than ready to get my hands dirty and have some practical experience. I had enjoyed studying ACC in Tort Law and it was the topic of one of my compulsory research and writing papers, so I put it down as one of my options. Read more...